My eyes start watering and when my voice speaks a crackled  goodbye I give it a second thought,  just for a second….

In about 3 weeks, my husband and I set off for our Peace Corps journey. Along with filling my days with last minute buying, packing, and figuring out what to leave behind, I have managed to jam my days with saying good bye to my loved ones and friends for the next two years. Which has left me exhausted!

Saying bye has been very emotional but I am finding it also to be uncomfortable and catch myself being awkward – or more awkward then I already am. How do you say I love you and I am going to miss you with capturing all the emotion behind those words and without losing the meaning? And what kinds of conversation do you have, knowing the next few will be in emails and maybe over skype?

I am ready to go and live this crazy life set aside but I never want to master the art of saying goodbye!