I have been dreading practice school since I first heard about it. But now that it is over, I realized that showing up is really half the battle and being open to learning/sharing ideas was the other half.

The first part of practice school is now done, and I am in amazement that it happened successfully, and I am so thankful that its over.

It really amazes me that my partner and I planned 4 lessons together and they worked – the kids understood, learned and enjoyed the lessons.

Trying to communicate in my broken, far from fluent Romianian, was not the only challenge. I was faced, along with the other health volunteers, on how to communicate and explain ideas while trying to work with (not against) Moldovan culture. From my limited experience, I have notices that Moldovians are wonderful people in many ways, but are ‘stuck’ in their box of thinking. I do notice that they want to think differently and in a new way, but just don’t really know how, yet. It was challenging to realize this and find ways, while speaking a foreign language, on how to teach creatively with new ideas. It was also difficult to teach that its okay to fail – both my partner and to the children. All in all, I am happy about how this week turned out, and very proud of my partner! I respect her patience with me as a try to communicate. I know I have my work cut out for me, and so does my partner. But I am looking forward to seeing the work that comes from it! I just need to remember that showing up is half the battle!