I can’t believe that I have been in Moldova for almost 3 months. The days go by a little slow, but overall time is zooming by. I have been in Ungheni, my home for two years, for a week. Everyday its hard to get up and put myself out there. But once I am in the middle of a conversation or working on plans, I feel proud of myself and am looking forward to whats next.

I am not sure how many people know this about me, but I am very shy at heart. I can get a panic attack from just thinking about meeting new people or needing to do something that is out of my zone. Needless to say, since being in Moldova and even in Ungheni, I have had many nervous breakdowns, and a couple of panic attacks. But I make it through them and find ways to push/challenge myself everyday. And the nervous breakdowns/panic attacks will happen less and less.

Its also been hard to get a lot done, because of language and cultural barriers, but I have been trying to hold on the small sucesses I achieve with my partners each day. For example – I have been trying to meet with the school director almost everyday this past week. I drop by his office once a day and ask if he is there or when he will be there. I have learned that the idea of scheduling or having a schedule is not common, at least in Ungheni. Today I went to a teachers conferance for the ragion, and he was there. He came over to me, very happy to see me, and asked about my work and what I have been doing. I also was greeted by my partner from the clinic that I have also had a hard time getting a hold of. I was able to express myself, and the work that I have been doing to both. They felt assured and seemed pleased. I was also able to meet a couple teachers at my school. So over all, my day was a success.

I just have to hold on to being aware of when there are successes, even if they seem tiny do me.