Yesterday I taught my first health lesson to four different classes. One of my biggest fears was not being able to speak to language correctly, and the kids not understanding me. My fear came true in the first 5 minutes of class. I was trying to introduce myself and explain about Peace Corps (which is something I was trained to do in one of my first language classes) I started hearing kids say “we don’t understand”. My heart started beating faster, I was sweating like crazy, and I am pretty sure my language got worse. My partner then told the kids that they need to be patient with me, and really listen when I talk. She explained that I am new to Moldova and didn’t know the language before I came. She went on to explain that she would not be repeating information I say, and that they needed to ask questions if they don’t understand me….. I was so amazed by my partner. It was the first time she showed confidence in me and I felt fully supported by her. I took a deep breath and started teaching kids about life lines. After I shared my life line as an example for the kids, with big smiles, they said we understood you! They then started clapping for me! It was such a weird moment, but one that I will treasure. It was great to know my partner has faith in me and it was amazing to know the kids want to learn from me so much that they took to heart the need to really try and listen to me and my new language. After that there were of course classroom management problems, and needing to re-explain myself over and over…. but I held on to knowing that teaching in Moldova will work because the kids are interested and my partner showed her confidence in me.