I have been in Moldova working in the schools as a Health Educator. I have been around many strong women during my time here. Many women who have lost their husbands to illnesses that could have been prevented, women who have lost their husbands because they went to another country to find work, and many young women – children, without fathers or mothers, because they have either past away to left the country for other work. Still – the women here are strong – but silenced.

I have noticed that in the classroom, the girls are the ones who speak their minds, they have no fear of what people will say in responds, or no fear of being silenced. But I am observed the women grow to be quite, complacent. They have much to say behind close doors or when men are not around, but once I man comes into a room – we all need to focus and listen to that man.

My dream, my hope, is that women, including myself, don’t loose that drive thats in children; to not loose that voice that was so powerful. To grow up as a women but to be without fear like a child. Here is Moldova I hope to foster children to keep speaking up to keep sharing their voice. And I hope to help older women regain their voice, even when men are around.

This will not be easy, but I plan to use the strongest voices out there – those of the young women who seek more for their future!

Please visit this site for voices from other women: www.taramohr.com/joinus