A water pipe on our street broke over a week ago, and we have been without running water for about 8 days. We have been going to the local stream with buckets and jars to fill up on water.

Pat and I would stress if there would be enough water for both of us to use the bathroom, brush our teeth and eat. We made it. along the way we learned how to conserve water and to appreciate water more.

The water came back on today. My host screamed for joy and we both did a little dance!

Since I have been in Moldova there have been many things that stress me out everyday. But I have been learning how to celebrate. I have learned that the small things in life, like water, which is not that small to me anymore, are worth having a celebration for. I am learning to throw back fears and ideas of how things “have” to be and in exchange I am learning how to embrase life. I think living in a world were every day is a different challenge has opened my eyes that much more wider