I remember when the Peace Corps Country Director shared the goals of Peace Corps during summer training he said that the summary of the goals is to share peace and friendship with those that we work with in Moldova and in the states with our family and friends. At first that sounded really easy. I kept thinking “how hard can that be?” But then life happened. And it hit me – this peace and friendship thing is tough!

It’s tough to remain calm and understanding when the other person is yelling at you, or when they are saying things that hurt; when all I want to do is react and yell back, in english so the other person won’t understand. It’s hard to take that deep breath and walk away while still offering a smile. It’s extremely hard to speak your mind and stand up for yourself while trying to use the formal verb in Romanian and not offend the other person….. It’s hard to be a real person sometimes in Peace Corps!

All I can do is try. I will continue to be humbled as I learn what it really means to share Peace and Friendship – even in times when it is not wanted.